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Registration is now closed!  THank you to the over 100 registrants who signed up!  

River Pirates 50/50 Draw is COMPLETE!

The winning ticket number of A-1019 won a total of $745!  Prize has been claimed! Thanks to all who offered their support!

River Pirate Team Store is now Open until March 31!

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Welcome to River Pirates Baseball - A Message from our Executive Board

There have been a few landmark days getting to where we are today. On December 19 our first e-mail went out calling for interest and for volunteers. January 3 we held our first volunteer meeting.  January 29 we held our first AGM.  Today, February 1, we opened our first registration.  There will be many more firsts to come this year, but perhaps this is a good time to stop, look around, and acknowledge a few of those that have helped us get to where we are:
  • The South Corman Park Community Association, for working with us on a potential playing space for our Rally Cap program,
  • Brian Hubbard, President of the SaskFive Giants,
  • Jesse Korte, Executive Director of Baseball Saskatoon and the rest of the Board at Baseball Saskatoon,
  • Mike Ramage, Executive Director of Baseball Saskatchewan,
  • Shawn Klisowski, Zone 5 Coordinator of Baseball Saskatchewan,
  • Heather Friday for building our website, expression of interest and registration setup (this would not have happened without your help), 
  • Russ Sarauer, former member of the Saskatoon Braves Executive Board for your ongoing assistance, enthusiasm and guidance,
  • Kyle Schmidt, founding member and President of Globe BMX in Saskatoon for showing us how to run a Board and start an organization from the ground up,
  • John and Agnes DeJong of Brooks, Alberta, for generously being our very first sponsor with your generous donation!, and
  • the rest of our sponsors for being part of establishing our foundation.

I also want to thank our newly established Executive Board, especially our co-founder and Vice President, Darren Friesen.  The work that has gone into building this foundation is no small feat, so to you I say, congratulations.

Lastly, our largest thank you, without doubt goes to Tyson Almasi, President of the Saskatoon Braves.  Without Tyson's encouragement, guidance and love for baseball, the River Pirates would not exist today.  Tyson supported our efforts from the beginning, fielding calls and text messages, attending meetings and offering insights that made start up possible.  Tyson, the River Pirates tip our caps to you and thank you greatly.

To all of our registrants, parents, coaches and other volunteers, I want to welcome you to the inaugural year of River Pirates Baseball.  I am excited to have you along as we continue to build our foundation outward and provide baseball to our communities and RM's for years to come.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?  The River Pirates are here.  Let's play ball.

Jonathon Mann
Sask Central River Pirates

News and Updates - January 30:
  • Thank you to all who came out to our AGM last night!  We established our Bylaws and Constitution as well as elected our Executive Board.  Head to our Resource tab for a link to the new Constitution and Bylaws.
  • We have added a Divisions tab with further information regarding each division we are offering.
  • We also established our Executive Board!  The Board now consists of the following members:
    • Jonathon Mann - President
    • Darren Friesen  - Vice President
    • Clint Keller - Treasurer
    • Vanessa MacDonald - Registrar
    • Derek Stevens - Secretary/ Website Coordinator
    • Amanda Larson - Uniform and Apparel Coordinator
    • Justin Bouvier - Equipment Manager
    • Mitch Barber - Jr Rally Cap Coordinator
    • Dean Gerwing - Sr Rally Cap Coordinator
    • Jordan Hunt - Member at Large

News and Updates - January 26:

  • We will be taking the field in 2024!  Thank you to all the volunteers who have made this possible!
  • Evaluations for U11 are tentatively set for Mid-March.  We are working with Inside Pitch to solidify dates and times so keep checking here for dates for evaluations to be posted for kids born in 2013 and 2014!  
  • Registration will be live in early February!  Head to the player registration for further information.
  • We had over 120 players express interest in playing with the River Pirates!
  • Our Rally Cap divisions will not be playing in Saskatoon.  They will be playing amongst themselves within our zone. 
  • Our U11 teams will be competing in Saskatoon with games twice per week at either Kilburn or Sifton.  See the Baseball Saskatoon site for more information.
  • Call for Sponsorship. If you or someone you know would be interested in being a founding sponsor of the River Pirates, please contact us at  We would like to thank our Sponsors so far!  
  • Head over to our Resources tab to see the proposed Constitution and Bylaws as well as the propsed Agenda for the coming AGM.